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PHP-Script-Logit 120.423a

PHP-Script-Logit 120.423a: PHP-Script-Logit is a logging tool for PHP debugging PHP-Script-Logit is a logging tool for PHP debugging. For those of you who, like me, develop PHP in Notepad, it`s really nice to have a little logging tool to keep a watch on what is going on in my PHP scripts. Just use the simple Logit function together with this desktop tool to monitor your PHP scripts. The desktop app is very simple and requires no installation. The PHP logging script is under ten lines of PHP. Perfect for anyone who does not

PHP Debugger Powerful PHP development tool with editor and debugger function
PHP Debugger

PHP Debugger is a powerful php project development tool which integrated with PHP code editing and debugging. Without any other php server, you can edit and debug an PHP project with the help of PHP server integrated capable of debugging , after you create an PHP project simply. 1.Integrated with PHP server: This software is Integrated with an PHP server which has capable of debugging. Without IIS ,you can run and debug the PHP project after creation

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ZZEE PHP GUI 3.1.0: Easily run PHP scripts in GUI mode in Windows - no hassle, no webserver needed

PHP GUI is an easy-to-install PHP solution for Windows. It sets up in seconds and works out-of-the-box. Now you can rapidly develop Windows GUI applications by employing the familiar PHP web paradigm. Thanks to ZZEE PHP GUI, PHP scripts can become full-featured Windows programs. You also can use it to test your website scripts without uploading them first. You don`t need to call ZZEE PHP GUI directly - just click on a PHP file - and ZZEE PHP GUI

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NuSphere PhpDock 1.5: PhpDock  - new word in php deployment. Run php scripts as stand-alone programs.
NuSphere PhpDock 1.5

PhpDock, your php applications will work right out of the box. There`s no need to provide long and complicated instructions on Apache and Php installation to your clients. PhpDock site license lets you distribute this deployment solution along with your php applications to provide easy and comprehensive installation and instant functioning of your php scripts. All you need to do is place PHP scripts in the document root directory of PhpDock - now

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myphpbooks 1.1: Real world application that shows how to use MySQL with PHP.
myphpbooks 1.1

PHP program that shows how to use PHP with MySQL, then this package is for you. Here`s what you`ll learn from this package. 1. How to create and use functions in PHP 2. How to use html forms to send data to a PHP script 3. In a php script, how to properly retrieve data sent from a html form 4. How to separate php code from html and css files 5. How to display php generated data in html forms 6. How to use php include files to avoid unnecessary code

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PHP Ajax Voting system 1.0

PHP Ajax Voting system is build as PHP OOP (object oriented style) with relational transactional MySQL database back-end and jQuery scripting, handles one or multiple products voting-one vote per 24 hours per product. Depending on your hosting PHP version, PHP Ajax Voting system loads automatically appropriate class ( vote.php for PHP 5 or better and vote_php4.php for PHP 4.x ) . All management of PHP Ajax Voting system can be done using phpMyAdmin

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VS.Php Standalone Edition VS.Php is a Php IDE based on Visual Studio 2005.
VS.Php Standalone Edition

Php Standalone Edition lets you build, edit and deploy php applications using the familiar interface of Visual Studio 2005 IDE. Contrary to other PHP IDE products, VS.Php leverages the familiar interface of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net allowing PHP developers leverage all the features Visual Studio.Net provides. With this edition of VS.Php you don`t need to buy Visual Studio 2005 because it is included with VS.Php. Working with php projects has never

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